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Big Nevada Bull

November 1, 2013 by  
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363-Nevada-bullA lot of hard work, 7 hour pack out but it was well worth it. I shot this elk at 8:45am on opening morning. My brother and I were watching a smaller bull further up the canyon when this bull walked out below us. The first second I seen him I knew I was going after him.  I told my brother I thought he was a 340ish bull and he kind of giggled and said I don’t think so, try 360-370. I first ranged him at 750 yards and with a ridge between us it was going to be a easy stalk. After about an 30 minute stalk I was looking straight across at the bull 284 yards away. One shot later and I was looking over my Nevada bull. And yes my brother was right….he scored 363
I had the bull scored by three different guys and they came up with 362,363 and 364 so I’ll call him 363.

Angel Merino


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