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August 20, 2009 by  
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Tim’s busy getting ready for his hunts and filming and asked me to post this one for him. JT

You remember me telling you that you could pick up some hunts cheap…well how about hunting the deer in these photos, cheap? My good friend and outfitter Steve Hartley of Steve Hartley Outdoors has been seeing these deer very regularly. The big typical 10 pointer with some junk is a deer we think is 6.5 years old. I saw him last year on the hoof, and we were guessing him at 170ish. He is a great deer no matter what, and he has grown a bit since these photos were taken. The double drop tine deer is really cool, but I sure would like to see him make it one more year and become a giant. Steve has a lot of really good deer on camera right now, and he told me he has openings in early November for bow hunters, at prime time, and I think he has some rifle hunts in the rut as well. Who knows, maybe if you come hunt with him, we can hunt together some. I will be around at that time and am sure I will be in a tree there some. Contact Hartley at 502-803-5899 or see more photos and get info at .

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