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Big Kansas Bucks Taken by Couple

October 29, 2012 by  
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Here’s a great husband and wife hunting report.  Congrats to the Bigbee’s on an awesome season!

Mary Tucker Bigbee recently harvested this giant 166 B&C buck near Coldwater, Kansas with her 50 Cal. Black powder rifle.

The story of harvesting this buck started years ago, back in Sept. of 2010.  This is a buck we called High Rise, due to his rack being narrow, tall and heavy.  We went out behind our home, about a mile away and on the second afternoon, he came by at about 140 yards. I shot and missed him barely over his back. I really wanted this buck, so to say I was disappointed is an understatement.  Unfortunately, in 2011 we had a record drought and it contributed to a loss of about 20 inches of horn and High Rise also broke his main beam off early in the season. So, I decided not to hunt him and prayed he would stay around until next year.    Thankfully, in 2012 he rebounded in a big way from the looks of the Reconyx photos and is now a very mature buck, a 8 ½ years old. This year he was showing up on a section of ground about a mile from where I missed him in 2010. I started hunting him everyday the wind would allow in the 2012 black powder season.  He never showed himself while I was hunting that first week but nighttime Reconyx trail cams showed he was still there. Finally, he showed just before dark on the eighth day of the season. He was 150 yards away coming fast down a wheat field edge. He was bedding in the timber and coming out in the evening on the north side of the tract, headed to some milo fields about a ½ a mile away. I had finally connected with a great buck that I shared a lot of history with. After hunting and missing this buck 3 seasons ago, watching him lose and regain mass thru the years, recovering his sheds, finally harvesting this beautiful animal was an incredible moment for me!  A day I will never forget!


Todd Bigbee was hunting near his farm in Comanche County, Kansas when he harvested this 204″ monster buck with his muzzleloader.

We first saw this buck on our farm last year. He was a 145” 8 point that fought everything on the farm. He was the dominant deer there. I did notice how palmated and heavy his horns were. Little would we know until a year later what kind of buck we were dealing with. The drought of 2011 had hide his potential big time. With my group being all tagged out for 2011, we would get to see.

Skip to August 2012. I ran my Reconyx  cameras and there was one of the largest bucks we had ever seen. Absolutely huge!!  The mass was like I had never seen.   We had a dry summer but we had good key rains in the spring that are paramount for horn growth. This buck was a loner though and didn’t like getting his picture taken. Only 3 sets of pics in three months. I got some in July and August, then nothing for a long time. I began to glass around our farm in the evenings and he saw him on my neighbor quite a distance from our farm.  My neighbor gave me permission, so I would try to spot him at long distance in evenings. He was living in a grass ditch with milo beside his bedding area. After only one long distance sighting, I left this deer alone. No cameras or feed at all. I would just go in and hunt him during early black powder season and hope he was still there. This deer was not tolerating any human intrusion.

The first morning I got to hunt him, I saw him early. I watched him in  some tall grass for 30 minutes, with only his horns visible. When he did get to an opening, my cameraman and I were ready. There was a 30 yard opening he would cross to get to the ditch he was bedding in. When he got to the opening, he ran across it. Big deer don’t like openings in daylight, but this buck was super careful. I couldn’t believe I had let him get by me, but you don’t shoot a running deer with black powder at 200 yards.  That evening we were back in the same spot. After seeing a few other bucks, he showed in the same spot where he disappeared that morning. I took the shot as soon as he got to the edge.  We heard the thump come back as he sped across the opening and out of sight. I was all to pieces. We went back to camp and reviewed the footage. After we weren’t for sure of the impact spot, we waited till morning. That was sleepless of course. The next morning we found him 15 yards inside the cover. There laid the most massive deer I’ve ever seen. He was unbelievable. It was an honor to just get to hunt an animal of this magnitude.  My season was made when I saw him that day, whether I harvested him or not. How many guys will ever get walk in the same woods with a 200 inch plus deer, much less being fortunate enough to take him. I will be forever thankful to my Lord above. I have been blessed to hunt many great deer in 32 years of  hunting whitetails, but I have to say this was of the most special.

Todd Bigbee

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