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Big Iowa Bucks

December 21, 2012 by  
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Grant Olson shot this giant 184″ buck in Muscatine county, Iowa with a Hoyt Carbon Matrix and Easton Full metal jacket arrows.

The story of this buck, my partner and I named 6X5, started a couple years ago with a photo of a slightly above average 9 point.  We found it odd that we got a few pictures, but never after October 1.  We were not looking to harvest him, just to get more photos of him. Last year he blossomed into a 6X5 frame, and grew more than I have ever seen any buck grow!  For the last two years this has been 6X5’s pattern.  We would get many pictures of him during the summer growing season, and then come the first week in October, we would never see him again.  No photos, no sightings….nothing!  I honestly would say we have been hunting him for a while, but that is not entirely true.  The deer had to be there to hunt.  The “closest” we got to him was last year.  I was at a sales meeting the first week in October, and he walk through our favorite pinch point 2 different days in the evenings.  We never got another picture of him ever again.  We were wondering what we had to do to hold him on our farm.

This deer is unique as he was a straight 6X5 last year.  This year he is a main frame 10, with a kicker off his right G2.  Oddly enough, we have more pictures of the deer in the daylight than we do at night.  He moved quite a lot in the day feeding, and was quite comfortable.  In the past I felt like the deer was the largest scoring deer on the place, but not the dominant buck.  This year however, he seemed from the outset to have changed his attitude.  He was the one doing the posturing in the summer feeding fields!

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  1. Jerry Lee says:

    Great buck Grant. I live and hunt in Muscatine County too!

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