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Big Horn Outdoors hunt Alaskan Black Bears

May 31, 2011 by  
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Tom King from Big Horn Outdoors supplied us with this new report and pictures from their DIY black bear hunt up in Alaska this spring.  Looks like they had an awesome adventure!

Hey Guys,

We killed a couple good Black Bears in Alaska but no Brown Bears. It rained almost every day and we didn’t see any Brown Bears while hunting. We still managed to have a great time, bag two nice bears and see some awesome country.

We’ve got the Ohio Youth Camp coming up June 24th-26th. We will have to wait to do the Golf Outing after the camp this year. Help me get the word out about the camp to any young people that would enjoy it please. I have to start editing in a week so will be slammed for a while. Hope all is good.



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