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October 21, 2009 by  
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Tim's Saskatchewan Buck 1

I am in Meadow Lake Sask hunting with my good friend Barry Samson at Safari River Outdoors ( I killed a 178″ monster last year on the first day of my hunt, and this year I sure can’t complain.

The first day, it was in the 40’s and I saw about 8 does through the day, but no bucks. Day 2 was cloudy and in the upper 30’s, and then it began to rain, sleet, snow, rain about 10 AM. I saw about 10 does through the morning and then at 11:59 AM, I saw antlers.

I saw the buck step out of the thick bush, and he looked to be a good 10 pointer with a split G-s from profile. He began walking toward an opening, and I got the TC ICON ready.

Tim's Saskatchewan Buck 2

He spooked and ran about 10 yards looking around nervously, but he was in the open. He was facing straight away and looking back over his shoulder, and the second he turned broadside, I hammered him with a Winchester E-Tip. He only went 20 yards.

When I got to him, I was blown away. He had 6 on one side and 9 on the other (and 2 more small ones that I didn’t count). He has great mass, and of course I was very pleased. We taped him yesterday at 174 4/8 gross. He has so many points going so many ways that you can’t get them all in a photo! He is a super Sask deer.

Tim's Saskatchewan Buck 3


I have 3 buddies in camp hunting, so hopefully I can send in more updates as the week progresses. If you ever wanted to come to Sask to hunt big deer, this is THE place- Safari River Outdoors- Hunt Hard…Tim H.

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  1. Bob Boyd says:

    Hey, Tim that’s one monster! Congratulations from Kentucky.

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