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Barron’s 10 point by Brian Froehlich

December 13, 2011 by  
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Leaving Ohio to go deer hunting in Southwest Virginia has always been questioned by anyone who knows deer.  However, several of my college buddies and I have been meeting since 1993 to have a reunion and hunt whitetails.  Last year my son Barron, made the trip and he was able to get his first deer – a button buck.

Opening day this year found us up early on a nice cold morning.  By the time we finally got into the woods it was getting light and we settled down in a “saddle” overlooking approximately 20 -25 acres.  We were sitting for quite a while when we noticed that a doe was standing about 35 yards away from us and staring us down.  Barron tried to move around to get a shot but she ran off on seeing the movement.  We had seen two deer that were way down the hill from us and since we had been busted, thought it was a good time to make a move and see what was down there.  We moved along the mountain side until we saw a couple deer standing on the next ridge over.  We sat down and got comfortable when we got our first glimpse of a buck.  He was fighting off a four point and a spike and had all his interest on one doe while two others walked around nearby.  The buck must have sensed something because he stood perfectly still and looked at us for what seemed to be an eternity.  Barron was preparing for a shot and I was trying to get a range on the rangefinder.  269… I tried again… 269 I tried again … 269. I would have guessed about 200 yards and I was really hoping the rangefinder was going to give me another reading.  I hit another couple of targets around the deer and sure enough it was confirmed 269 yards.  I knew we couldn’t move or he would be gone.  Barron got down, by-pods set and found the deer with the scope set at 5.5 Power.  I then dialed it up to 14.5 power.  It seemed like an eternity when he finally pulled the trigger…… Nothing!!  In all the excitement, we had forgot to take the safety off again.  Barron said he wasn’t comfortable so we set the safety and he moved and got set again.  He was now in the prone position and I felt he had a much better chance of success.  I dialed the deer in again and could hear his breathing start to slow down and knew he was getting close to pulling the trigger.  Finally he did and ……. again nothing – safety still on!  The buck had been staring at us for more than ten minutes and the other deer were now moving over the ridge.  When the one doe started over, I knew he wasn’t going to stay very long.  He didn’t and he walked over the hill….gone.

We gathered all our gear and gun and moved down the ridge to see if we could maybe get a shot at them on the other side.  We were able to move almost 100 yards closer when the doe reappeared and we dropped to the ground.  She walked over the hill and stopped about 15 yards on our side of the ridge.  I told Barron to get her in the scope and promised him that the Buck was coming back and was going to stop in the exact same position.  I ranged it ….. 211 yards –Much Better!!!.  About the time Barron got set in the prone position, the Buck started over the hill and walked to the doe….she moved and he took her position.  “Safety OFF” I whispered … I heard it click……“Anytime you’re ready”….. Boom!!  The Buck kicked his back legs up and headed down the hill.  There was a cedar tree directly to my left and I never saw the buck go down or come out of the thicket below his position.  We waited for a half hour and watched the other deer move around the hillside as if nothing had happened.  We finally made our way over to find a blood trail – We never even made it to the blood, the Buck was laying ten yards from where he was shot.  Barron and I were both really excited! His 10 point is definitely in the top five bucks harvested off this property in the past 18 years!

Later that day we went back out for an afternoon hunt and Barron says “ I’m not going to shoot anything else unless it’s a twelve point.”  – Ruined for Sure!




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  1. Ed Waite says:

    Congratulations to Barron. If he would like to enter it into the Buckmasters Trophy Records Book, give me a shout and we will see what we can do.

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