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Barron and Tanner Harvest First Deer

January 3, 2011 by  
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Here are a couple of youngsters who had a great time hunting this past fall. The first picture is 11 year old Tanner Young. he shot this nice 9 point buck near Prince George, VA. Way to go Tanner!
The second picture is 10 year old Barron Froehlich. His Dad, Brian submitted the following story of their first hunt together. They traveled from Ohio to Virginia to hunt with some of Brian’s buddies. Sounds like Barron is hooked! Nice job Barron!
My oldest son, Barron was invited to partake on a three day rifle hunt in Southwestern Virginia for whitetail.  We had 1,500 acres to hunt that has been managed under the DMAP program for the past fifteen years or so.  The premise of the program is to shoot big does and only bucks that are going to the taxidermist.  Barron, who just turned ten, had never shot a gun before, so a few weeks before the hunt, we visited the rifle range and I started him off at 100 yards.  The first shot was a little high and to the right but he put the next 4 shots in a very tight group near the bullseye.  We felt very comfortable that if we could get within this range then a deer would be down.
We got to our hunting site late Thursday and our hunting partner was able to get a large Doe just before the end of legal shooting.  This was Barron’s first witness to a kill so I let him stay for the field dressing and I went to go get the Polaris Ranger to haul the deer out.  By the time I got back they were waiting on me.  Barron’s first hunting experience was very positive and very, very easy.

We spent Friday morning chasing a big deer only to determine he was a basket eight-pointer and too young to harvest.  We saw a couple other deer in the distance but too far to take a good shot.  On Friday evening we saw three deer about an hour before sundown.  They were 250 yards out and moving toward us on an opposite ridge.  I was ranging several possible shooting lanes and told Barron to plan on shooting when they reached a clearing about 200 yards away.  We extended the bipods on the 25-06 and Barron moved into position only to have to wait and wait and wait.  The second deer was the  largest of the three and she stopped at 206 yards and gave us a good look.  I told him to go ahead and get her when he was ready and I pulled up to look through my binoculars.  When the shot went off, and Barron regained his sight through the scope, he leaned over and asked  “Why is she still standing there?”  to which I replied ” because you missed her”  We chambered another round into the rifle and the third deer had actually moved up to where he had shot at the other one and gave him a perfect broadside shot.  This time his aim was true and the deer buckled.  When we got to it, we found that it wasn’t a doe but a large button buck.  Barron assisted in the field dressing and I told him that he would have to drag it out as we were about 1/2 mile from the nearest trail.  It was all downhill so he figured he should be able to get it to the truck.  After only a few yards he realized that this was going to be a lot tougher than he had imagined and he set in for the long haul.  I quickly found myself assisting with the drag and we made it to the road just as the sun was setting.  A great day afield highlighted by my son’s first deer.  I felt the pressure to produce lift from my shoulders and I went to bed on Friday night satisfied with a great hunt.  The next morning at 5:30 Barron woke me up – ready to go hunting again!

Proud Dad,

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  1. Goose says:

    Nice job Tanner you got a Joe Nailer there boy. Looks like he has a big body. Hope the rest of your season went well. Keep on Hunting cause if you youngsters stop then the hunting will stop as well.


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