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AZ Monster Mule Deer…for The Zone

November 5, 2010 by  
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Last fall, Mark Young , of Adam Clements Safari Trackers, told me about a really unique mule deer hunt that he had sent some guys on in the desert of Arizona. The kicker was that an hour west of Phoenix there is a huge amount of agriculture that is being irrigated including alfalfa, sorghum, barley, etc. They have some big bucks, and it is not just your every day mulie hunt. Mark also told me that the tag draw is pretty easy at about 80%. We discussed the hunt a few times, decided we would try to make a trip together, and we put in for the draw.

We both drew our tags, and hooked up with Ben Boon of Grand Canyon State Outfitters. Ben was quite eager and enthusiastic, he kept in constant contact, and he sent us trail cam photos of some really good mulies from time to time.

As soon as I hit the ground in Phoenix Ben sent me a text that Mark had killed a really nice buck a couple of hours before. Come to find out it was a 30.5” wide dandy. Mark made a fantastic 375 yard shot and dropped him where he stood in the irrigated alfalfa.

That evening we set up in a blind on another alfalfa field, but we didn’t see anything. The deer were moving right at dark. The next morning, we eased around some fields, but again we came up empty.

During late morning, we shot some quail, then we saw a crew harvesting some sorghum. This stuff was 8 feet high and we all felt like a bunch of deer were living in it. We decided to setup and watch an outside edge on the field that was to be harvested. As the combine got very close to the end, a big buck came bouncing through the sorghum, I got set on sticks, and then he came out in the open about 250 yards away.  He then turned and came on a dead run straight at us. My scope was filling up with big buck, and he finally threw on the brakes at 70 yards, and I instantly touched the trigger of my TC Icon .300 Win Mag. The buck crumbled, and I have a great AZ trophy. The buck’s velvet had just begun to shed, and it was literally rubbing off in my hands.

That evening when we got back to camp, we scored him at 190 5/8. That is my best mule deer ever, and I couldn’t be more pleased. Mark and I took two great bucks on successive days. We have been shooting some quail and tried duck hunting one morning to fill our extra time. Ben drew a tag, and yesterday morning, he went out and found the huge buck he had been getting photos of. He feels the buck is 34”+ wide and over 200 B&C. The deer was facing dead away at 200 yards, and the first time it gave him a decent shot, it was at 450 yards. He shot just over it, and we were all just sick for him.  This shaped up to be an excellent hunt in a very easy to draw unit of AZ (I drew with 0 points). Thanks to Mark for setting this great hunt up for me, and I am had a blast in camp with he and Ben.

Hunt Hard…Tim H.

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  1. Folks,

    I just moved to Arizona and I am looking for good mule hunting sites and it is tough to get a tag near the Grand Canyon. Where is this located? Is it near Payson?


    Steve Wickline

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