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Awesome Wyoming Bowhunt!

September 30, 2011 by  
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In stark contrast to Tim’s NM elk hunt, I just returned from one of the best hunts I’ve ever taken. As reported back in early September in the 2011 staff hunts article, I’ve been planning a trip to Wyoming to chase antelope and elk with my bow. I realize this is not a normal animal combination, usually you have mule deer and antelope or maybe mule deer and elk. This combo worked because the ranch I was hunting wasn’t located in the mountains, it was a high prairie ranch south of the Bighorns with ample resident herds.

The outfitter, Craig Smith of Triple Three Outfitters is great guy and very experienced hunter himself. He knows the value of keeping hunting pressure to a minimum and allowing his clients to have multiple opportunities at critters during a week long hunt. Craig leases many ranches across north central part of Wyoming that provide outstanding hunting for many different species. Depending on the unit the ranch is located, some licenses are easier to draw like antelope and some are harder to draw, such as elk. In my case I had accumulated 4 years of elk points plus applied using the optional, higher priced “Special” license in order to get the best chance at this elk tag. Fortunately I drew one! The antelope tag was more simple, I bought it as a leftover when the Wyoming drawing was over.

In short, Craig runs nice clean camps with tents or cabins and provides plenty of good food. He had his guides set Double Bull ground blinds near waterholes the antelope were using daily. Craig allows hunters to spot and stalk antelope as well, but the shots are harder to come by and tend to be longer distances too. I harvested my P&Y buck from a waterhole blind on day 2.

The elk weren’t quite so easy, actually I don’t think they ever are. The rut was in full swing and the largest herd bulls had gathered their cows. They had zero interest in my cow calls or bugles. After several “almost” successful stalks on bedded herd bulls, Craig suggested I try something different. There was a small creek that snaked along some hay fields which provided good stalking cover. I spent an afternoon wading that creek, glassing various elk and gradually closing the distance. By early evening I was tucked in a patch of tall grass where some of the elk were leaving the hay fields to water.  At about 6:00pm a cow brought my bull in range and I automatically drew back my Hoyt and let the Slick Trick tipped Carbon Express Maxima arrow fly. The shot was true and the bull went maybe 40 yards or so before piling up. It’s hard to put that pure excitement into words, but it was awesome to say the least!

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