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Another Report from Nebraska – from The Zone…

November 20, 2010 by  
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I am still snakebit and only have 3 sits left in NE. This morning about 10 minutes after  daylight, I had a big mature buck headed my way. We had 8 does feeding in front of us, and he was coming to check them when all the does spooked and the field cleared.

GREAT…5 minutes later, I see a coyote skirting the edge of the field about 200 yards out. I lip squeaked to him, and a few minutes later, the coyote slipped in to 30 yards in front of the blind, and I got some revenge. No more yote…

We saw 10 more deer through the cold morning, but no shooters.

On a better note, last night we had 3 good bucks shot in camp. My buddy Craig Cushman from TC Arms killed a 160+ 10 pointer and Dale Sears killed a mid 160’s 9 pointer that would have been a 170 if it hadn’t broken its other G-4. Two more great bucks at Gobble N Grunt.

Also this morning, a friend from Germany went to a stand I had been hunting some and told him he should sit. After watching a 10 pointer for 2 hours estimated over 160, he missed it at 300 yards as it was following a doe over a hill.

High of 30 today and awful wind. It is miserable out there, but we will be back in the stand soon, and then tomorrow is the last day of season. Hopefully it will all come together…Hunt Hard…Tim H.


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