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Another KY Buck

October 9, 2012 by  
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Another One Down In KY

I have to admit my family was riding high after Will took his mature 10-pointer on October 2. He had been so patient, waited almost 3 years since his last buck, and really made quite a difficult shot in low light. I figured my KY deer season couldn’t get any better.

My other twin, Drew, has so much going on with football, academic team and church youth group, it looked like he would have very few days to hunt this fall. He was on a youth retreat on Oct 5-7, but got home at 2PM on the 7th. I asked if he wanted to go hunt for the afternoon, and he jumped at the chance.

We drove to a  friend’s farm an hour away, and I admit, I hadn’t scouted it at all. Drew said he was fine with shooting a doe, so I decided to go to a  shooting house on a long food plot. When we got there, the wind was wrong, so I put out a camera, and we went to plan B. This was another shooting house, but it was on a huge 600 yard long field. The wind was right, but I figured the deer would want to go to the other end because of some big oaks. I parked my truck 2/3 of the way to the other end in the middle of the ridge hoping to deter them from walking that way.

We began seeing deer immediately as it was only 55 degrees. We watched a bunch of does, then a 5-pointer popped up at under 5 yards. He eventually spooked, but the does and fawns were everywhere, except where Drew could get a shot. The shooting house is much better for a gun hunt, and getting things right for the crossbow was very difficult. We actually spooked a big group of 8 does that were within 30 yards.

A full hour before dark, a year and a half old 6-point, and a two year old 8 fed out at 150 yards. We watched for a few minutes, and then a mature buck stepped out. He was a good solid 8 with a big body, and I told Drew that was a shooter for him if he got the chance. They fed around for 10 minutes, but they wouldn’t move much. Then they began coming toward us, but disappeared into the woods. After a few depressing minutes, the smallest buck popped back out, and worked our way. I told Drew we were back in the game, and about then, the big buck came back out too.

The small deer worked the woodline at 60 yards, but the mature buck walked straight up the hill toward us. I was having to duck in and out of the window as Drew and the crossbow took up most of the space. He told me he could kill the deer, but I wanted to make sure, so I peaked up and ranged him with my Nikon Riflehunter 1000 rangefinder. He was at 27 steps, so I told Drew when he got broadside to shoot.

In about 5 seconds, the Carbon Express Crossbow let fly, and I jumped up to see the buck running with a big hole low, behind his shoulder. I watched him go for about 70 yards and he cut into the woods, but almost immediately I heard him crash, and the celebrating began. We jumped out to go find him, and the blood trail from the Rage 100 gr broadhead was very easy to follow. He ran the treeline to where an old four-wheeler trail cut down the hill, and he was lying in the trail 20 yards from the field edge.

We were both super excited as the buck was a nice heavy 8. He wasn’t a monster, but a great buck for an 11 year old, and it was a super hunt. We got to watch him for 10-15 minutes, had lots of excitement, and at last count we had seen 26 deer in 2 hours.

So both my boys scored with crossbow in 6 days. I guess I better get busy! I am waiting on the big bucks to get frisky, and we plan a family outing later this week on the same property where we can stay for a couple days. The boys are geared up to shoot some does, so maybe they will get to fling a few more bolts later in the week.

Hunt Hard…Tim H.


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