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Another Illinois Monster Buck!

October 31, 2008 by  
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So – here’s the information I have – this buck was taken on Oct. 28 and with archery gear!

This rack has great length and mass – and I love the non-typical point coming off the base – that tine must be 12″ or better!

If you have any other information drop me a note dan(at)


2 Responses to “Another Illinois Monster Buck!”

  1. Benji Tate says:

    This is my deer.I killed it on the 26th of October. He was taken with a bow in Marion county. He gross scored 215 4/8. I have plenty of pictures of me with the buck and many photo’s of the buck from this summer when we were trying to figure out his routes. We have been watching him for over 2 years and video taping him as much as possible without disturing him.

  2. Dan Jackson says:

    Benji – thanks for updating us and congrats on an awesome buck!

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