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Andy’s Big Illinois Buck

November 21, 2011 by  
Share | reader Andy Kalbach sent in his pictures and story of his bowhunt for a big Illinois buck this season. Congrats Andy! Keep the pictures and stories coming in!

With warm temperatures in Illinois during late October, often reaching near 70 in the afternoon, deer movement was very slow and mostly the last hour of the evening.  I had a shot on our second day of the trip at a nice 135″ but he ducked the arrow and did not make a fatal shot on him.  Thinking that I might have blown my only opportunity and with little presence of the rut, I continued to try to stay positive and think “where else would I rather be than Pike Co, Illinois”.

Day 7 of our trip (Nov. 2, 2011) getting worn down by long hours on stand, my roommates were out on the road before I even crawled out of bed.  I got to my stand still with plenty of darkness in the morning and when the sun came up, kept my eyes open for any deer moving through.  I saw this stud sneaking behind me in a steep ravine.  It happened so fast, all I had time for was to decide if he was a shooter and find a spot to shoot him.

I did just that, I glassed him once, and drew back and stopped him at about 38 yards downhill from me.  I shot the arrow and watch him run off with it right where I wanted it.  I decided to wait an hour or so and go get help to get him out.  We had no trouble finding blood from the Grim Reaper-Whitetail Special 2″ cut broadhead shot by a Mathews LX and found him curled up within 100 yards.

This buck gross scored about 165″ and was estimated at 6 1/2 years old.

Andy Kalbach


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