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The staff at is passionate about our hunting. With hunting season upon us I wanted to share our line-up of upcoming 2010 hunts with you. The experience gained from these 16 hunts across North America is substantial and we do our best to share it with our readers. As you might imagine, we spend countless hours in the field and office scouting, planning, learning about whitetails and all the game we hunt. It’s normal for us to spend a bunch of hours shooting, testing new hunting gear and equipment and some of us even follow a strenuous work out program to get in better shape. From the posts we share our hope is you will pick up a tip or idea here or there that you can use this season!

Not surprisingly, Tim has the most rigorous schedule with all the filming he does for his TV shows, but Joe and I also log a few miles too.  We each have our preferred brands of equipment but we’ll save that for another time. I guess I think it’s important our readers know what we’re about and that we take our hunting seriously, make our share of mistakes, and have a ton of fun along the way.

Tim Herald’s 2010 Hunt Schedule

Alberta mule deer, G5 Quest Bow

Wyoming elk, G5 Quest Bow

British Columbia Canadian moose, TC Muzzleloader

Wyoming mule deer or whitetail, TC Rifle

Kentucky whitetail, TC Rifle

Arizona mule deer, TC Rifle

Nebraska whitetail, TC Rifle

Kansas Whitetail, TC Rifle

British Columbia Cougar and Lynx, G5 Quest Bow and TC Muzzleloader

Joe Brook’s 2010 Hunt Schedule

Ohio whitetail, PSE Bow and H&R Shotgun

Michigan whitetail, PSE Bow

Wisconsin whitetail, PSE Bow

J.T. Kreager’s 2010 Hunt Schedule

Colorado mule deer, TC Muzzleloader

Ohio whitetail, Hoyt Bow

Kansas whitetail, Hoyt Bow

Mississippi wild boar, Hoyt Bow

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