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The staff at is fortunate to be able to share our hunting experiences with you. Our hope is that we entertain and educate along the way. It’s amazing to me to see just how many states, provinces and countries our staff will hunt in a given season.  Traveling, hunting, filming, writing and blogging all along the way, our guys hunt with rifles, muzzleloaders, bows and field test a lot of hunting gear and equipment over the season. This provides us with some excellent info to share. Some hunts will be guided and some are DIY, regardless they are adventures we look forward to with great anticipation all year long.

Get out there, fill your tags and take a kid hunting if you can! Stay with us and check back often, 2011 season is here!

Tim Herald

August – Mozambique – Leopard- Cape Buffalo, Sable and various plains game
September – Kentucky deer with a bow
September New Mexico elk with a bow
October – Alaska Peninsula Brown Bear with a rifle
October – England – Red Stag, Munjac, Roe deer with a rifle
November – South Dakota mule deer and Whitetail with a rifle
November – Nebraska whitetails with a rifle
December – Utah elk with a bow
January – Texas whitetails with a Muzzleloader
February – Zimbabwe – Bull elephant and Cape Buffalo with a rifle

Adam Hays

September: 1st -7th, Velvet whitetails in the Bow Zone in Edmonton, Alberta

September: 9-14th, Solitude Ranch, Devils Tower, Wyoming

September: 19-23rd, Colorado Elk

September and October:  Bowhunting monster whitetails in Ohio, Indiana, and llinois

November:  Bowhunting giant bucks in Kansas and Saskatchewan  plus shotgun season in Illinois

December:  Late season Iowa whitetails with a Muzzleloader

JT Kreager

September: Bowhunting Wyoming Elk and Antelope with Triple Three Outfitters

September, October and November: Bowhunting whitetails in Ohio

October and November: Bowhunting Iowa whitetails with Fountain Outfitters

January: DIY bowhunt for desert mule deer in Arizona

Joe Brooks

September, October, November, December and January: Chasing big whitetails in Michigan and Ohio.




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