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Alaskan Brown Bear taken with Home Made Bow

October 10, 2012 by  
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I get a lot of stories via email but this one caught my eye, it was forwarded by Ed Waite of Buckmasters. Stalking giant bears takes guts, and hunting with self made traditional archery equipment is about as tough as you can make it on yourself to get the job done. My camo hats off to Jake! Great Job!

Alaskan Bear taken with Selfbow

Jake took this beautiful boar Brown Bear on the fourth day of his 10 day hunt…The bear will easily qualify for the Pope and Young Record Book. You hunters know what that means, but for the rest of you, this is not only an incredible feat of  bowhunting skill and bravery, Jake is quite proud of the fact that he harvested this bear with a Selfbow! That means he built the bow himself from a single piece of wood… absolutely nothing added to enhance or strengthen the wood!! FYI… several bows broke during the 8 months prior to his hunt, so that was pretty stressful. In the end, this one proved true during practice and Jake also took a couple of back  up bows.

Jake took a single shot at 20 yards… the bear roared and turned and charged toward him and his guide!! Jake had pleaded with the guide not to use the backup rifle unless the situation was critical. When the bear turned toward them (Jake says trying to get away rather than charging them…), Aaron jumped  up and hollered at the oncoming bear. Jake had already knocked a second arrow, but the bear veered away from the commotion and ran into the brush. They had to leave the bear overnight as it was getting dark and raining, but they found him about a half a mile away the next day. So Jake’s lifetime dream is officially a reality!!

His outfitter had taken a few bowhunters during his career, but none of them had ever used a selfbow, so the outfitter and his guides were somewhat skeptical that it could even be done. But we all KNEW Jake could do it!!

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