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Alaska Moose Hunt Part 2 by Tim Herald

September 26, 2012 by  
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The Rest of the Moose Story…

As I said before…two of my other guys in camp also killed great moose on day 1. Pete Lombardi killed a great 66 inch bull, and Dean Slaney took a ridiculous 76″ monster.

These are just both unbelievable trophies. The 76incher looks photoshopped, but believe me, it is not!

We saw a few bulls on day 2, and had a run in with a little bull that came in to 20 yards on day 3. Then the weather went to pot and it rained and rained more. We couldn’t hunt much because of rain and the camera, but animals didn’t seem to be moving much anyway.

On the afternoon of day 5, we took a short bush flight to a remote spike camp where Pete had killed his bull earlier. The next day was windy but clear, and after a long hike to a very high point to glass. I saw a bull about 4 miles off in an opening, but we didn’t give it much thought. 30 minutes later, another came out and squared off with the first, so we decided to give them a try. We knew it would be hard and we would have to be lucky, but we didn’t have any other moose in site.

Two grueling hours later after covering about 5 foot miles with 40 pound packs, we got to the opening. of course the moose were gone, but as we began talking about a plan, I spotted a bull moving through the timber 300 yards away. He soon emerged int our opening, and I got on the sticks.

The big bull came paralleling us, and when he was a little over 200 yards away, I centered him in my Nikon Monarch scope, and squeezed the trigger on my .338 TC Dimension. The big 250 grain Winchester Accubond found its mark in his lungs, but as he just stood there, I emptied on his shoulder until he tipped over.

I had a great AK moose, and now our group was 4 for 4 on trophy bulls. I have to say that Xtreme Xpeditions provided one of the best wilderness hunts I have ever been on. The staff and logistics were all top shelf. It is a true wilderness hunt and you need to be in shape, be able to carry a heavy pack and do some miles, but if you can, you will have a shot at a great moose. We will be leading groups there again in 2013 and 2014, and you can catch all this action on Nosler’s Magnum TV next season as well.

Back to whitetails in KY now. This is a tough time to kill a big buck, so I usually concentrate on shooting does for management and taking my kids crossbow hunting. I am home for an extended period now, so it should be a fun time.

Hunt Hard…Tim H.

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  4. Very enjoyable story to read….Alaska is world-famous hunting destination for moose. In this area, over many years of hunting bull Moose, hunters have experienced high success rates on trophy bulls exceeding over 60” in antler spread.

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