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September 21, 2009 by  
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With his squared head looking down, I put the crosshairs just under his chin and squeezed. The big bear rolled and then was running down the hill into thick brush. Great – 30 minutes before dark, and I have a wounded bear on a steep hill in the brush…

We were discussing the situation when I looked way down the mountain, and the bear was standing broadside barely holding his head up. I quickly put one in his shoulder and he dropped like a sack of potatoes.

TH Grizzly reduced

We recovered him, but we were 6 miles from camp. It was a long trek back, and the fun had just begun.

We made it back to the general area of camp about 11:30 PM in the dark. Here I will show my stupidity- I didn’t take my GPS. Just flat forgot it. Come to find out, my guide didn’t have one!!! We walked around until 1AM and couldn’t find camp, and I told the guys we needed to get out of the wind by some brush and wait it out until morning. It was clear out, thank God, and was in the 40’s. The bad part was that we were in the general vicinity of where we had seen the sow and cubs for 2 straight days. Not much sleep that night!

The next morning, we walked to camp (about half a mile), drank lots of water and took a nap before we went back to get the bear. Bugs were terrible, so the photo session and skinning was in a hurry. The bear is obviously blonde, but the photos don’t show the almost white collar all the way under his neck. The hide was just fantastic and he was a good solid bear to not be coastal. My first shot went in beside the sternum and lodged in the hide just in front of the tail. Second shot went through the heart and was under the skin on the far side shoulder. This truly was the culmination of a 35 year dream.

I can remember being a little boy and one of my dad’s friends had been to AK in the late 60’s. He killed a Dall’s sheep and a blonde grizzly, and I was just enamored with that beautiful rug. This bear’s hide was just as I remember that rug.

We then flew to moose camp, but only 2 days of season were left. We had some crappy weather, and didn’t see any moose. That would have been a great bonus, but I was there for a bear. Three other guys hunting out of Clint’s camp killed moose of 62, 20 and 59-inches while I was there.


It was a great adventure, and I must say it was taxing both mentally and physically. That is how it should be, and I got what one should get from the AK experience.

Hunt Hard…Tim H.



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