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Alaska Adventure-Part 1 by Tim Herald

September 24, 2012 by  
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AK Adventure (Part 1)

On September 11th, Jim Bevins, Dean Slaney, Pete Lombardi, my cameraman from Nosler’s Magnum TV– David Sager, and I flew in on a charter plane to the rugged Alaska Range and the Xtreme Xpeditions base camp. We were all hoping to kill good moose on this trip, and of course I was hoping to get a good TV show.

On Day 1, I hunted with Jim Bevins as the guys had been seeing a couple good bulls just across the river from camp. We thought we might luck into a double. before we even left camp, a decent bull was spotted working the river, and he ended up at less than 150 yards. We opted to pass, and packed up to go hunt. After a tough walk up “Sponge Mountain”, we immediately were into moose.

We got on the edge of a little opening in the spruce trees, and things got wild. A bull came by, then 3 cows ran out. Soon after, a bugger bull came charging out. He was running the other bull off and chasing a hot cow all at the same time. The big bull went over a little dip in the terrain, and we saw him breed the cow. Then he came back toward us following the cow. She spotted us and took off up the mountain.

We scrambled to a better position, and soon the moose came out on an open hillside way above us. Jimmy is a serious long range shooter, so when they stopped to look at us at 500 yards, he sent a 168gr Winchester Accubond right into the bulls boiler room. An anchor shot dropped the bull, and Jimmy had his first moose. It was a really exciting hunt, and we  got to see all kinds of moose action in a short amount of time. The day was beautiful, as was the second day when the moose had to be packed off the mountain.

Jimmy was happy with his bull, pictured above, it had 31 points, so now it was my turn to hunt. We also found out that both the other guys that went with us killed monster moose.

Check back in for part 2…

Hunt Hard…Tim H.

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