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Aaron’s Oklahoma Monster Whitetail Buck

November 27, 2009 by  
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Here’s a giant buck from Oklahoma. Check out the picture and exciting story Aaron sent to about this beautiful 200 class buck taken with a bow in the Sooner state. Congrats Aaron on the trophy of a lifetime!
Aarons oklahoma monster buck2
Normally i get in my stand at 6:10 am, well on Friday Nov. 20th I decided to get in the woods a bit earlier. At 6:10  I saw 2 deer heading my way at about 50 yards. As they got closer I could tell it was a buck chasing a doe, but it wasn’t light enough for me to tell how big the buck was. As he ran the doe in a circle, I was thinking he going to bring her back towards my stand and he did. The buck was broadside and the doe was facing me. As it got more light the buck just kept looking bigger and bigger. I have never heard a buck do a snort weeze, but he did it to this doe twice. It was about 6:50 and the doe went to my right jumped a barb wire fence and went out in the middle of a pasture. She was around 80 yrds from the buck at that time. I was thinking she is too far from the buck and he to going to run toward her. About that time he started moving toward her and was about 35 yards away from me. As he started coming across in front of me and getting closer I mouth grunted twice but he didn’t stop. So I basically grunted really loudly the third time and he stopped. I had my Martin Jaguar bow at full draw and at 20yards released my Easton Carbon Excel arrow. It was a perfect double lung shot. The giant deer jumped the fence and ran about 100 yards up on a hill side. I couldn’t believe what just happened. I was shaking and breathing so hard, the more I told myself to calm down, the more I shook. I thought I had shot like a 180-190 buck. I got down from the tree stand and my brother and I both went to get him. When I walked up I was in shock this buck was way bigger than I expected, it grossed a whopping 212″.

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  1. hi aaron, i was just wondering where in oklahoma this huge buck was killed?

    joshua thomason

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