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A Monster Bucks Weakspot

March 23, 2011 by  
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The mature whitetail buck….he is a master at the game of survival and he relies on his ability to detect danger with his nose above the rest of his keen senses. You may trick a bucks eyes on occasion, and sometimes even his ears, but to fool a wary old bucks nose can be a exercise in futility! A monster buck that has survived 4 or 5 seasons trusts his sense of smell above all else, utilizing his ability to detect unseen danger every day of his life! It’s within this safeguard that we must find a chink in the armor… a “weakspot” that makes him vulnerable!

So what is this “weakspot” and how do I find it?

What we are looking for is a location along a bucks travel pattern where we can get within bow range of him (while) he is using the wind! Sound crazy? Think about it for a second. When is a big buck going to feel secure enough to get up and move during daylight hours??? When he has the wind in his favor!  Otherwise, he may just lay in his secure little bedding area until dark! I changed my success on harvesting dominant bucks drastically when I quit hunting winds that were good for me and started waiting for the winds that were good for the deer I was hunting!

These weakspots can be difficult to find but not impossible. Recently, I spoke of locating a bucks core area and his travel patterns during the late winter months. Through our scouting, we should have a good understanding of our bucks daily routine. When we know where he’s coming from and where he’s going, we can predict his travel pattern. When we know this piece of the puzzle, its easy to determine what wind he will want in order to move along this trail and feel safe. If we look at how this animal travels with the wind in his favor, somewhere along this path he will be exposed with his guard down, where he has to cheat the wind or rely on his other senses momentarily. This usually occurs when he has to change directions, or where some kind of structure, edge, or landmark forces him to pass through an area where he can’t rely on his nose. I usually find weak spots at fence or creek crossings, the edge of cover, along a interstate or even a lake. Any place I can set up where he can’t wind me even when the wind is in his face is what I’m looking for. It can even be a spot where he can wind me, but by the time he is on my downwind side, HE IS IN BOWRANGE, at which time he should already have an arrow blowing right through the old boiler room!

When it comes to hunting these areas, sometimes it’s a matter of splitting hairs with the wind. We can be talking about as little as 10 to 20 yards difference in our buck winding us or not, so a meticulous scent elimination regimen is a must!  This tactic is all about giving the giant buck we are after what he wants, the wind! Let’s turn the tables on him and let him feel confident enough to get up and move during legal shooting time! Yes, his nose may be his best defense, but since we know it is, we can use it to our advantage and kill him when he least expects it and where he is the most vulnerable,  in his WEAKSPOT!


2 Responses to “A Monster Bucks Weakspot”

  1. Great article. I want a wind that is “almost” right for him and “almost” wrong for me.

  2. Emma Ann says:

    Hey Adam!

    What an excellent tactic to make your hunting experience more successful! As we all know, every human has their weak spot, but it is interesting to find out that animals do too! How clever of you to keen in on the weak spot of a deer in order to be successful. Our company supplies top notch accessories to make your bow hunting experience even more successful. We are honest people that love to hunt just as much as you and understand what it takes to be a great hunter. Check out our bow presses to help you become an even more successful hunter!

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