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A Giant Kentucky Non-Typical Buck!

November 16, 2008 by  
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Reportedly scoring over 260″ and you can easily see why – I don’t have much information yet and am trying to find out more.

Update – if this buck does net at 260″ it would be the biggest hunter killed buck every taken in Kentucky.  Chris Crawford’s Henry County buck netted 275″ but it was a “pick-up” found buck.

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4 Responses to “A Giant Kentucky Non-Typical Buck!”

  1. Woodrow Pass says:

    pickup or not,,, looks great

  2. tim says:

    call it drop dead tine buck!!!!!

  3. zach ingle says:

    A good friend of mine shot this deer. He lives about .5 of a mile from me.I know the gross score and the net.# 30 points.Field dressed about 250. The size of the deer makes the rack look small.When you hold it in your hands it’s a whole different story. The mass is huge.8″ bases.Double main beams.

  4. doug lindell says:

    dear zach,

    i dont know you. if you know me tell me were i live. who is your so called freind. were was the deer shot. head leg shoulder butt. you should know this. tell me. i dont remember you being down there. oh by the way it had 32 points scored 270 5/8. i pulled the trigger,not your freind.

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