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A Different kind of Deer Hunt!

February 4, 2010 by  
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I just returned from a fantastic hunt for an out of the ordinary whitetail. The small Coue’s whitetail lives in AZ, NM and Mexico, and weighs roughly 90 pounds. Though small in size, this deer is a real challenge, and a 110” B&C class Coue’s looks like he has lots of headgear.

My first two days hunting with Brad Fulk and Rio Sonora Outfitters, found us looking at numerous bucks up to the magic 100 inch mark that is considered a real trophy. The deer were scattered from mountains to desert floor.

The 3rd day we found a good looking buck, but he disappeared into a canyon out of site. I stayed in place to watch for him to come out, and Brad made a big loop around for a different view of the canyon. An hour and a half later, he signaled for me to come over, so off I went on a mile hike.

When I got to Brad, he was half a mile from the bedded buck, and we slowly stalked in. We were on a ridge above the buck, and finally we ran out of ground as the hill dropped off in a cliff. We ranged the buck at an even 300 yards, and I settled in on my rifle.

After 30 minutes, the buck got up, and I hammered him. He went less than 10 yards. Upon recovery, we found the buck to gross scored 116 3/8 and net right at 111. He is a true Booner. The next day, we got a call from one of Brad’s guides, Jason Greer, and they had a buck down. We went over to help with the recovery, and found that hunter Chris Ayers had taken an unbelievable 132 4/8” buck that had a 3” section of G-4 broken off. He would have been over 135 inches!

What a hunt! 2 B&C caliber Coue’s deer within 4 days, you can’t ask for more than that. This is a physically and mentally tough hunt with hours of glassing, and miles of hiking rugged terrain with heavy packs. When you take a Coue’s, you can be proud because you have worked for it.

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  1. Game Camera says:

    Great hunt indeed! and hunting is definitely tough but it’ll be worth your time and effort by the time you start collecting the bucks of your labor ;).

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