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9th Annual QDMA Convention & Whitetail Expo

July 26, 2009 by  
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I just got back from the 2009 QDMA convention in Louisville, KY. I had a great time, saw lots of monster whitetails including several over 300″, checked out some new products and just plain had fun. QDMA put on an outstanding convention and I look forward to going back to Louisville next year. I picked up one of the new Hooyman ( extendable saws, it has a very innovative design and should work very well for pruning around my treestands this fall. I also bought a Trophy Bag Kooler ( and some Biologic ( foodplot seed at the silent auction. The Trophy Bag Kooler is another great idea that could help solve the early season problem of possible meat spoilage. I’ll let you know how this hunting gear and equipment performs in the field after this season.

I also met many great industry people and personalities but wanted to highlight a few including Chuck Sykes, Wildlife Biologist and Producer of The Management Advantage TV show (www.themanagement on the Outdoor Channel, Erich Long, owner of Drumming Log Wildlife Management ( Erich received QDMA’s 2009 Deer Manager of the Year Award. Dan Perez and Mark Doerner of Whitetail Trophy Properties ( who sell excellent hunting properties in top whitetail states across the midwest. All these guys are experienced hunters themselves and make a living helping landowners and hunters grow and harvest really big whitetail bucks year after year. Check ’em out.


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