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2nd TX Pronghorn Down – End to a great trip…

October 8, 2009 by  
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Yesterday I got to hunt pronghorn with my good friend Jason Gilbertson from Winchester Ammo. I had taken the big wide buck the day before, and we went looking for a beautiful buck we had seen that was nicknamed “Flair” because of his horn configuration.

We found him and made multiple stalks. If things weren’t just right, we backed out and moved in from somewhere else. Finally we got in front of him and set up. He topped the hill in front of us at about 70 yards, but we were busted as there was no cover. He sprinted to our right, and Cal Ferguson of 4F Outfitters stopped him at a little over 100 yards. Jason was ready and dropped him with a Win Supreme Accubond from my old reliable TC Encore.

This was Jason’s first speed goat and he is a beauty. It was a great way to end a super trip over the last week.

Hunt Hard…Tim H.Gilbertson Pronghorn

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