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2012 Ohio P&Y

November 12, 2012 by  
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This fall here in Ohio was exciting but had its challenges too. I was able to fill my Ohio tag on a Pope and Young 10 point down in Pike county while hunting on lands owned and managed by Sunfish Valley Whitetails.

Let me back up for a minute. In early summer I put out a bunch of trail cameras on farms in central and south central parts of the state. All of them were over Trophy Rocks and again I got an amazing number of pictures. I located one B&C caliber buck, but for whatever reason, he disappeared completely in late August. So my hit list focused on three other mature bucks in the 150-160 range. Two from central Ohio and one in Pike county. I’ll refer to them as wide frame, 12 point and broken ear, here’s trail cam pictures.

I wasn’t getting daylight pictures of these three bucks so I didn’t hunt them aggressively in early season like I’ve done in past years.

I did see the broken ear buck in late-October but he never presented a shot. On Nov. 4th I headed South to Sunfish for an afternoon hunt in a stand I set on the edge of a doe bedding area. The weather was perfect and deer started moving early, my plan was to intercept the 12 pointer. About 5:00 I heard a buck grunting and chasing a couple of does roughly 100 yards away. I could not see the buck but his grunts were deep and loud so I assumed he was a good one. I grabbed the horns and rattled for several seconds and ended with a snort wheeze. He immediately stopped chasing and started circling downwind in my direction. The bedding area was very think with lots of saplings, briars and honeysuckle vines. Through my binos I could see parts of his white antlers through the thick brush and a pair of short G2’s. I knew he wasn’t a giant but honestly thought it was the 12 point. My heart raced as I grabbed my bow, when he popped out into a hole in the thicket, my Hoyt Carbon Matrix was already at full draw because he was directly down wind. Fortunately, he didn’t wind me, no doubt partially due to the value provided by my scent elimination partner, Dead Down Wind. My Slick Trick tipped arrow punched right though his shoulder at 25 yards and he piled up a short 50-60 yards away.  Only when I grabbed his antlers did I finally realize it was a different buck altogether. His rack is similar to the 12 point with the same short G2’s and nice tines but overall a bit smaller. Oh well, it was an exciting hunt and I was fortunate to harvest a great buck.

I’d like to close with a sincere, heartfelt thank you to my Dad. He was diagnosed with cancer in August and recently passed away. Over thirty years ago he took me hunting and that fire’s been burning ever since…..take a kid hunting when you get the chance!

Hunt Safe,



3 Responses to “2012 Ohio P&Y”

  1. Andy says:

    JT –

    Once again, luck and chance favor preparation and follow-through – great story.

    Also, liked those stories about you and your dad. Maybe I’ve missed them in other entries here, but on that point about taking a kid out, you might want to run (or re-run) the old pictures of when your dad first took you out.

    Good lessons on introducing kids to the sport, how to ease them into it and turn them on rather than off, as well as how the quality of the North American whitetail herd has improved over the years.



  2. John Stark says:

    Well done again JT! So true about taking a kid hunting. It’s more fun for me to take a youngster out and introduce the sport to them than to hunt for myself. Here’s to all you dads and hunting mentors out there passing on a great tradition.

  3. R.L. Foster says:

    Hey J.T.
    Good story and good buck. Sorry to hear about the passing of your dad. My Dad is 78 years old and spent a whole week with me back in Sept scouting and hanging treestands for my new operation in Missouri. Every day I have him around is a blessing, I don’t won’t to miss.
    Take Care,
    R.L. Foster
    Trophy Class Outfitters

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