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2012 Hunt Plans by Tim Herald

July 23, 2012 by  
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As many of you know, Tim Herald hunts and films worldwide for several top notch TV shows. We are fortunate to be able to follow his adventures here at Looks like 2012 should be another exciting year for Tim!

Well because of tag draws (or lack thereof), my schedule is less planned at this point in the year that it has been in many years.

I’m starting off on my biggest trip of the year on July 26 when I travel back to northern remote Mozambique to hunt lion, Cape buffalo and plains game with Kambako Safaris. 12 days is a super short lion hunt, but we will give it our best, and we are hunting for an old WILD lion. None of the canned hunts that have become so popular on TV lately.

September 1-7 will find me home in Central KY chasing early season whitetails with a  bow. We are already seeing some dandies, and I hope to be able to stick a Bluegrass buck before I hit the road full time.

I have an Alaska moose hunt in the Alaska Range from Sept. 12-20. This is an all tented affair in the remote wilderness, and I think I will also buy a grizzly tag, just in case…

This is where my schedule gets tricky. I didn’t draw 3 elk tags that I applied for, and I was counting on one to fill later Sept. or early October. Right now, I am hoping to go back up to Alaska and hunt brown bears on the Togiak National Wildlife Refuge, but the hunt isn’t finalized yet.

Then again, I failed to draw an eastern Colorado deer tag, but my outfitter said he should be able to get me a landowner tag sometime in the coming weeks. I am again waiting on word here. The hunt would be the last 5-6 days of October.

In November I will do a two state hunt as I hit Nebraska with 2 tags at Gobble N Grunt Outfitters where I killed a great high 170’s (would have been 180 without a broken tine) buck. I will also jump up to South Dakota on the trip as it is only a 3 hour drive to hunt our of Pierre.

The one tag I did actually draw was Iowa first muzzleloader/shotgun season, and I will be going to hunt with Straight Arrow Outfitters in Zone 5 on December 1-5. This is a completely weather dependent hunt, but I look forward to it. I am also trying to put together a free range hunt in the Texas Panhandle in early December, but alas, one more hunt that is not confirmed.

So that is my perspective season. It could be fantastic and it could have a lot of holes in it. I am holding my breath and hoping for the best…

Hunt Hard,

Tim Herald


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