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2010 A Hunting Year in Retrospect

December 27, 2010 by  
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I took my boys on our last hunt of the season yesterday afternoon, and as we sat in our blind and watched it snow for 5 hours, I thought back over the past year’s hunts and looked forward to 2011.

Highlights were many for me…I started in January with a B&C caliber Coue’s deer. That was a very different and cool hunt in Mexico. In April, I took my dad to NE turkey hunting. He got one with his crossbow, and it was just a great trip as he had quadruple bypass surgery 5 months earlier. Then back home to KY, and my son Drew killed a 25lb gobbler during youth season after two birds strutted by at 2 yards.

My favorite trip of the year is always Africa, and in August I had the trip of my life hunting dangerous game every day. We approached over 125 elephants before I shot one. I killed 2 Cape buff and shot a big tom leopard all in 10 days in the wild and wonderful Zambezi Valley.

Back to North America, I was lucky enough to arrow a huge nontypical elk in Wyoming that was 8 years old,and 2 weeks later smoke a great BC moose with a muzzleloader. My favorite North American animal of the year came on Nov. 1st in AZ when I took a beautiful 190″ mule deer in velvet.

Last but certainly not least was the time I spent hunting in October, November and January with my boys Will and Drew. They both passed up a ton of small bucks, and both took a fall turkey and 3 does (each) with their Carbon Express crossbow. I get much more of a thrill out of seeing them shoot animals than I do if I am behind the trigger. They are hooked on the up-close and personal aspect of “bowhunting”.

There were a few downers for me this year as well, but they are definitely overshadowed by the good stuff. My trip to Argentina in March was rough. Temps were in the 90’s, and the Red Stag roar was off. I didn’t see a single mature stag, but I did kill a good Asian water buff. Watching my son miss a nice 10 point whitetail after he sat for numerous afternoons in severe cold was just terrible. I am pretty sure it hurt me more than him. In 2009, I had my year of years on whitetails killing 4 bucks that scored between 150 and 174. I paid for it in 2010! I didn’t shoot a single buck over 150. I took 4 mature bucks, but no giants this year – and I spent a lot of time hunting them.

Overall it has been a fantastic year, and I am really looking for some great opportunities I have in 2011 that are on my filming schedule for The Zone and Nosler’s Magnum TV. I start next week in BC when I go on my first cougar hunt, and I will have a lynx tag as well.

I have 2 trips to Africa set for May and August. In May I will hunt leopard and plainsgame in Namibia with my buddy Gerard Erasmus. The kudu rut will be in full swing, and we should have a blast. I am very excited about August when I will travel to the Niassa Wildlife Reserve in Mozambique to hunt with Jumbo Moore. I have cape buff, leopard and sable on my plate, and I have some friends going that have these species and more in their sights.

My best North American hunt will be Oct 1-10 brown bear way down on the AK Peninsula with my buddy Paul Brand who I black bear hunted with this past May. The weather will be nasty, but there are lots of big bears there. I am also looking forward to mid November when I plan on doing a mule deer and whitetail combo hunt in South Dakota. I will hopefully fill in the gaps with an elk hunt in Sept. and a few more whitetail hunts Oct-Dec.

Thanks to all who read my blog and watched our TV shows this year. We’ll be doing it all again in 2011 and really appreciate your support. Hunt Hard and Happy New Year…Tim H.


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