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200″ Iowa Monster Buck

November 22, 2010 by  
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Here’s another hunting report from Paul at Whitetail Properties on a monster 200″ buck from the great state of Iowa.  Congratulations to Gabe Adair, sounds like he put in some serious time and effort on this old monarch and was finally able to tag him!

Another 200” plus falls at the hands of the Whitetail Properties Team.  Attached is a picture of the buck we named the “Main Event”. Gabe Adair killed this southern Iowa buck at 20 yards after rattling him in.  This is the bitter sweet end of a 3 year quest after this world class buck. Gabe has hundreds of trail camera pictures of this 207” monster buck.  In addition the shed antlers from this buck have been found over the past two seasons. Believe it or not this buck is so old he is actually on his way down in terms of antler size.  We filmed this buck in velvet last year and Gabe had an encounter with this buck last year during the rut while he was chasing a doe.  Based on his current spread and the sheds found this winter the buck would have scored about 240” last year.  Great deer, great video, lots of history will make a great Whitetail Properties TV show!



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