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2 for 2 in Colorado

September 9, 2013 by  
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I just returned from an outstanding mule deer and elk bowhunt in Colorado. I was hunting with Justin Johns and Ben Harris of Rugged Rack Outfitters. I flew out for opening day of archery season which was Saturday August 31. Ben would be my guide for the next 5 days and had already located several large bucks on the ranches they lease. We scouted two of them the evening of Friday 30th and glassed numerous nice bucks. Here’s a picture we took through his spotting scope of the largest we saw. bedded buckThis buck was bedded with two others in the middle of a large irrigated alfalfa field. It wasn’t a hard decision for me to chase this old buck the next morning. At first light we spotted the bachelor group headed to bed down for the day but weren’t able to cut them off. We watched them bed in some tall grass near a small pond. Later on after they settled in I stalked to 30 yards of the big buck and waited for him to stand. After an adrenaline filled hour, he stood up but unfortunately the grass was so tall and thick that I couldn’t make a clean shot. The bucks were moving out of the sun that was now directly overhead to the shade of some trees nearby. I tried to move into position but one of the smaller bucks caught my movement and they took off.

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